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The band, as it is today, was formed in 2008. The main instruments used are the guitar, bass, drum, accordion and voice and each musician brings something from his/her special musical universe. The human and musical dynamic is interesting because most of the band members live in the same house in Saint-Imier, in the swiss Jura. About two years ago, Saahsal found its trademark and from this day, the band regularly gives concerts.

Also sung in english, but mostly in french, the message conveyed is varied. You can find personal thinking, joy, sorrow, as well as the possibility to blow off steam. Saahsal is hoping to experience moments of craziness with the public while allowing the people to experience a bit of heaven.

Eliane is finishing her studies as a professor of jazz singing and musiques actuelles, as part of the Swiss Society of Musical Pedagogy (SSPM). She has always had a passion for music, she sang in different musical ensembles (ball orchestra, Funk Big band, jazz duo or trio). She's the originator of Saahsal, she writes the lyrics and composes some of the songs.

Her influences and musical tastes are varied (Muse, Evanescence, Tryo, several jazz singers,Björk, Chantal Goya, etc...)

Being the youngest musician of the group, Silas is no less an excellent element to the band. He started playing drum at the age of three and brings lots of creativity to the group. He also plays drum in a metal group (his favorite genre) called Rhumpage. On top of that, he plays well the guitar, which allows him to participate in composing some of the songs. Some people say, (it might be a legend), that beer comprises 80% of his body.

Alain is the rock'n'roll soul of the band. His energetic and passionate tunes are easily communicated to the public. He's a crazy comic artist and brings a particular creativity to the group as well as a spirit of unity. Fan of "Race Against The Machine", "Tool", "Muse", Nightwish" and Jimmy Hendrix among others, his musical game is also influenced by the blues.

Xavier is the last one arrived in the band. He is the bassist of Rhumpage (mentioned before). He also plays the saxophone and will soon start a jazz school in order to become a professional. His disconcerting humor completes the group of crazy people that we are!

Half-hearted and a little bit by accident, David started the accordion at ten, but this instrument rapidly became a passion. Assiduous musician, he won several little prizes during regional competitions. At the age of 18, he won the first prize of the international competition of Reinach, his biggest title.

At the same age, attracted to its Andalusian origins, he starts the guitar as well as having a great interest for singing. He appreciates and composes different musical styles, but his influence of choice is reggae (like Patrice) as well as tunes or songs that are rooted in ancient-polish-french-provençal cultures.

She arrived in the group in order to complete the vocal harmony of our songs. Trained in the Conservatory of La Chaux-De-Fonds in classical and jazz singing, she doesn't count her years of singing anymore. She also is an instrumentalist and possesses a keen sense of aestheticism.

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